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Stripping your walls from old wallpaper can be hard work and very messy. There has to be an easier way... right? RIGHT!

There's now an entirely new system for removing wallpaper called SimpleStrip and it is already transforming the decorating industry.

SimpleStrip uses a highly-absorbent fabric along with and a powerful solution to rehydrate the old paste. The fabric (called HydroSheets) sticks to the surface of the wallpaper, allowing the special power solution to soak through and dissolve the adhesive between the paper and the walls. It couldn't be easier!

Best of all the solution is made from biodegradable detergents and enzymes and is safe to use around children and pets. 

You can purchase SimpleStrip via our sister website:


Step by Step

Preperation of walls & paper

Perforate the wallpaper surface with the Wallwik Scoring Tool.

The tool creates thousands of tiny perforations in the surface of the wallpaper. This allows the special solution to soak through, dissolving the paste.

Tip: The more perforations you create, the easier it will be to remove the wallpaper later; so best to keep them one to two cm apart.

Applying the sheets 

Next mix the special solution as directed in a bucket of warm water and soak the sheets.

Then apply the HydroSheets to the surface of the wallpaper. The high surface tension of the solution prevents them from falling down.

Leave the sheets approximately 15 - 25 minutes, spraying them occasionally with some of the solution to keep them moist.

Removing the old wallpaper 

When the wallpaper can be peeled away from the walls surface, remove the sheets and place back in the bucket ready for the next section.

The sheets are designed to be reusable 50 or more times.

Use the plastic Wallwik Skimmer to skim the wallpaper away from the wall without damaging the plaster.

The wallpaper will usually come away in large pieces or whole sheets at this point. Now, on to the next section!

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